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Best Summer Ever

May and June passed quickly as I spent 35 hours a week teaching StagesPAC camps and getting to direct showcases. It was lovely to watch my students achieve so much growth in their performance and improv skills over the course of their week in class!

Plus, the illustrious Andre De Shields spent 20mins on my work during a Masterclass... whoa.

But oh ho ho boy....

Here comes July 2021!

Othello rehearsals

For 6 hours a day, I fell head-over-heels once again into the process I adored.

  • The Othello leadership was brimming with expertise, patience, and intentionality

  • The cast that I had anticipated looking up to for their experience became a trusted team that celebrated our strengths and collaborated to make our efforts even stronger

  • The project brought to life one of Shakespeares masterworks while distinctly caring for the needs of our beloved city

The smile on my face everyday was one of surreal gratefulness for this group and this process!

YoungLiars 10-day Movement Intensive

After a day of rehearsal, seeking to practically apply my skills, I got to do some SERIOUS studio skill sharpening :-D

Hours of Yoga, into hours of Neutral Mask or Clown, into hours of Suzuki left me waking up the next morning sore and smiling.

A big part of the joy was taking what I had discovered during the session and getting to immediately apply it in Othello rehearsal the next day!


And if 6 hours of rehearsal and 4 hours of intense studio classes was not enough to satiate my joie-de-vivre, I got to participate in the re-opening of the St. Louis theatre industry through a WHOLE bunch of exciting callbacks.

I'm a bit surprised I wasn't more exhausted by the 60 hour weeks of straight stage-practice...

But to have work as great as this, I'm not too surprised ;-)


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