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The Improv Life

October 2019

For 8 years of my life, so much of my attitude towards everything (performing, relationships, my plans) has been shaped by Improv.

-It started as a way to learn how to listen to my peers - to lay my own agenda down and play in the space.

-It quickly turned into a place where my nerdy inner-monologue could thrive, where I could be known and supported by my teammates.

-All of a sudden, it was a place of refuge. Where joy and fellowship and excellence would always turn up.

When I graduated, I had to leave the team. Fellowship and excellence felt scarce;I felt unknown and lost.

But something clicked. Teams change, the people around you change, but the principles of Improv are always the same.

Listen. Play. Support.

It's become apparent that Improv is always going to be a part of my life, so I'm excited to be joining forces with COMEDY SPORTZ St. Louis!


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