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Ozark Actors Theatre

Immediately after graduation I got to be part of an ensemble I never thought could exist in the professional world. Not only was the cast of these shows tremendously supportive and full of industry wisdom, they were a true delight to play with onstage! So much comedy was found through the talent and creative skill of this team!

Apparently, I wasn't the only one who noticed the ensemble chemistry onstage!

"This ensemble absolutely blew me away. And it wasn’t just in their big numbers - which were all perfection and power, by the way. It was also in their tiny affectations: Hannah Geisz’s trembling, Colin Stansky’s lips, Kelly Brown’s swagger down the stairs...I could go on and on. Part of the standing ovation last Sunday was unequivocally yours, ensemble. Superb!"

-Paige Timer

Thank you to Ozark Actors Theatre and the fearless team of directors who let me be a part of this!

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