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Spells of the Sea!

January-February 2023

I don't have words for how wonderful this process was. Working with the brilliant professionals at Metro Theatre Company on a touching and magical piece-- the entire experience was saturated with kindness and excellence!

This is the theatre I want to be part of.

  • "It's a lively adventure, filled with jolly pirates and strange sea monsters and whirlpools and delightful songs and dances. The cast of nine are most gifted performers. Seven of them (i.e. all but Finley and Mr. Crank) play multiple roles and also play instruments-concertina, mouth piano, cello, guitar, bass guitar, tropical drums." - Steve Callahan - BROADWAY WORLD

  • "The show is made up of an excellently tight-knit ensemble cast that tells the story with joy, under the lively direction of MTC Artistic Director Julia Flood. The cast plays everything from princesses to pirates (all while singing and playing a slew of instruments—and making it look easy!)" - Chuck Lavazzi KDHX

  • "Moments of genuine pain and loss are interspersed with fanciful dives under the sea and catchy, hummable tunes." - Tina Farmer - River Front Times


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