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Springing Back!

What a whirlwind! 2021 has been packed with activity...


The wonderful folks at Margolis Method granted me attendance to a fantastic week of intense movement exercises, explorations, and workshops! I got to attend live from my basement, get myself in gear for the 2021 audition season, and make some wonderful zoom friends.


There was a lot of audition material to submit: song cuts, monologues, dance calls, even self-accompanied jazz standard submissions.

While performing for the camera feels very different from performing in person, I was thankful for all the opportunities to submit!

Especially since I could do it from my quarantined ring-light set-up!


In addition to teaching my STAGES classes, I got to direct an educational production of Twelfth Night!

The experience gave me the opportunity to create a Shakespeare curriculum, produce and design a 70-minute show, and even oversee the creating of a brand-new outdoor theater!


To culminate the pandemic-era theatre experience, I got to perform with Slightly Askew Theatre Ensemble in their Aphra Behn Festival!

Tonya and the Totes in Subterrastrata was a thoroughly delightful experience! There was a wonderful script to cut my teeth on, experienced and kind people to learn from, and highest production zoom-play set I've ever seen :0)

<- (pictured: the EXEMPLARY Michelle Hand!)

I've got a lot planned for the summer,

but right now I'm thankful for such a joyful spring!


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