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Staying Sharp

Teaching and Training through 2020

(and rock-climbing with my quarantine crew)

To earn my keep through quarantine, I started substitute teaching at schools around St. Louis. This certainly required a lot of improv techniques and vocal projection!

But the last thing I wanted was for these new responsibilities to push my growth in performance to the back-burner.

For a while, it felt inevitable that I would get out of practice.


1. STAGES St. Louis was able to keep their doors open, allowing me to continue to teach high-schoolers (and myself) through the rest of 2020.

  1. My Advanced Jazz (9th-12th) class focused on the different techniques required for each era of Jazz, from Classic to Fosse to Robbins to today!

  2. In Vocal Styles (6th-8th) I got to help develop my students voices as we learned about to progression of style from Porter to Andrew Lloyd Weber

  3. And what fun! I got to teach a Musical Theatre Exploration class on Rodgers&Hammerstein (9th-12th)

2. I got a discount to take Pure Barre workout classes 3 days a week! August-December... Seriously kept me in shape :-)

3. I was accepted for personal Vocal Training by Dr. Jeffrey Heyl! After over a year without formal voice lessons, it was SO WONDERFUL to return to the fundamentals and grow in vocal maturity.

I'm also much more familiar with the Opera world now ;)

Without these opportunities, I wouldn't feel so ready to take on 2021!

Excited to keep learning ;-D


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