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The Lonesome West

When I studied Martin McDonagh in college, I never would have guessed I'd get to see this show produced, let alone dig into it myself!

  • "Hannah Geisz unveils layers of smiles and tears as Girleen Kelleher, a neighbor girl. Add on professional-grade pacing, even with plenty of nuance, and you've got yourself one hell of a show." "Mr. Drury and Ms. Geisz are perfectly cinematic on a park bench at the top of act two, as Father Welsh and Girleen. I felt like I was watching an Oscar-nominated film jammed into the middle of a bare-knuckles Marx Brothers comedy" - Talkin'Broadway

  • "Geisz plays Girleen Kelleher, an attractive, outgoing young woman, probably the most settled, mature, and perhaps intelligent of the four, who delivers the moonshine the men drink, so she also is often on hand to keep the brothers from killing each other. Geisz brightens and settles the stage when she is on." - STL HEC

  • "There’s no dialect coach mentioned in the program, but Hannah Geisz as Girleen nails the western Irish brogue, with the words rhythmically rolling off her mellifluous tongue. Nearly matching her is Jeff Kargus... Both Geisz and Kargus propel this scathing little story along from opposite ends of the emotional spectrum. - Ladue News

  • "Hannah Geisz is appropriately sharp-tongued and impulsively girlish as Girleen Kelleher." -KDHX

  • "brilliantly acted, astonishingly hilarious and hugely entertaining" - STL Today

Things learned:

  • How to convince an actual Irishman that I was from Northern Ireland!

  • Specific things I need from a rehearsal process to be effective

  • Connections and affection between actors can definitely last beyond closing night

Thankful for the experience!


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