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Go Dog, Go!

February-April 2023

As someone who often walks around like a disembodied head full of Shakespeare and Arias, the physical disciplines of theatre are extremely therapeutic and delightful to me. WHAT A THRILL to dive into the principles and specificity of clown-work with such an inspired team at Metro Theatre Company. The bruises and sweat felt like TRIUMPH, and a circus tent full of children's laughter has to be one of Dante's levels of heaven!

  • "A multi-talented acting troupe comprised of familiar St. Louis faces brings these adventurous and lovable canines to life. See Hannah Geisz as Red Dog, Colin McLaughlin as Yellow Dog, Hailey Medrano as Green Dog, and Cameron Tyler as Blue Dog as they exhibit carefully timed collaborative movements to create memorable stage pictures and pull off charming tricks." "While these performers do everything from riding scooters to singing dreamy harmonies while driving a boat, their performances are rooted in the very technical and expressive acting technique of Clowning. This style of acting requires actors to pay close attention the response of the audience (which will have a different personality from show to show) and to collaborate with each unique crowd on the timing of the storytelling. " - Chuck Lavazzi/ Bryn McLaughlin KDHX


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