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Rolling with Katie

July-October 2022

Turns out it's very exciting to do stunts off of power-wheelchairs!

Huge thanks to Michelle and Katie for the privilege of getting to be part of the story!

" The masterstroke in the construction of Roll With It is the appearance of Katie’s earlier self not only in flashbacks but also after the accident. Katie at 25 continually interacts with the Katie who is maturing to document the many steps on the road to self-actualization... As pre-accident Katie, Hannah Geisz makes it clear that she is an observer of the action and a participant in an inner journey. Geisz is alive to every moment onstage and responds with insight and subtlety to what she sees around her and what she hears from her alter ego. The rapport between the two Katies is a highlight of the Black Mirror production." - Gerry Kowarsky HEC Media

"The two main performers are both excellent, portraying a full range of emotions and interacting with energy, intensity, and credible emotion." - Chuck Lavazzi KDHX


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