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Shakespeare Full Circle!

September 2019

In 2005, the St. Louis Shakespeare Festival Touring production of The Tempest, came to perform in my school's gymnasium. And BOOM. I was obsessed!

I started reading Shakespeare's stories in children's books, but quickly moved on to reading the actual scripts. It was like learning a new language, and once it became second nature, I would read my Shakespeare anthology to wind down for bedtime.

(photo: My sister and I dressed up for "What I want to be when I grow up" Day at school). I was ready to be some sort of Shakespeare scholar, but the only term I had for them at the time was "actor."

Every summer, the St. Louis Shakespeare Festival produced another play in Forest Park, and it became a family tradition, one I looked forward to like Christmas morning. (photo: My siblings and I arriving early at Shakespeare Glen to see Twelfth Night 2013)

Auditioning for St. Louis Shakespeare Festival's new Touring production felt like coming full-circle back to my first moments as a Shakespeare fan.

And can you believe it? I'll be performing in the St. Louis Shakespeare Festival's Touring production of Cymbeline as Innogen, February-May 2020!

If 8-year-old me could see me now!!


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